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    Nope - looks like we're gonna have to wait. This problem (I have it) is incredibly annoying, though.

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    I took it in yesterday and got the fan replaced. For me it ended up being a fan that was rubbing inside the housing. It took them under an hour to replace it.

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    Got my retina today with Sandisk SSD, no problem playing the song.

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    Hi all,


    I got MBP Retina 15inch ME664 today, delayed the setup of this, but earlier this evening when almost finished the set ups and installation of the programs i use everyday on win pc.


    First thing MBP wanted me to do is to update OS. so i did.

    Updated at start the OS 10.8.4 i belief. whatever is the latest update for 13/6/2013


    Later this evening i wanted to finish up the rest of the installation, so i can work on MBP instead of WIN PC on th14/6, but to my dismay. I notice the fans turning on, (the reason i have the apple so this would not happen, that was my experience with Win PC so this was shocking to me.) 


    Notice the keyboard turned warm to hot in like what seems a few sec ( i was getting over the airplane noice) when suddely, the whole MBP shotsdown and I cannot get it to turn on.


    I am calling the store tomorrow to see what they can do with this information, since i just picked up the MBP at 2pm and not even 12 hours later, it decided to die on me.


    My problem is having a replacement is not a complete solution, since this can happen again with the next one....

    Problem will stay there if anything.


    Please help me with my quest for answers....


    Thank you,


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    I bought my Mcbook Pro 13'' Retina Display in Nov 2012 and since last few months, I'm having the same issue of fan making noise after usage of laptop for like 2-3 hours. It's really annoying and the keyboard also gets very hot. Any suggestions please? I also tried resetting the SMC. Now a days, I'm just ignoring it and the fan noise goes away after 15-20 minutes.

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    I also had a persistent problem with Flash making my MacBook Air run super-hot with the fans blasting. Even though Flash is a bit of a CPU hog, it should not make the machine get that hot or throw the fans into full speed. Something was wrong...


    I found a solution. I updated my version of Flash Player and the problem went away. Flash is still a CPU hog but the actual problem seems to have been that once started, Flash was never stopping, even when the website using it was closed. Therefore multiple instances of Flash just built up over and over until eventually the machine was getting super hot and the fans were running at full blast. I discovered this by installing the free app "FlashFrozen" and also "smcFanControl" so I could monitor Flash activity and fan speed in the menu bar.


    Anyhow, the problem seems to have been caused by Flash Player 11.7 - upgrading to Flash Player 11.8 eliminated the problem because each instance of Flash now does stop as it should when it is no longer being used.


    The moral of this story: make sure you are running the latest version of Flash.

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    PERFECT. This fixed my problem. Nice job

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    I have the same issue with my Macbook Pro Retina that I bought.


    My configuration is i7 2.3ghz / 8GO Ram / 256GO SSD Samsung.


    With no reason, the fan will speed up for a minute and back to normal. Any solution has been found since the thread opened in 2012 ?


    I ve tried the smc & pram reset. Problem's still there



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    Just thought I'd add my experience.


    I just bought a retina mid 2012 MBP 2.6Ghz i7, 16GB RAM, running OS 10.9.1.


    I opened a Logic project that I was previously working on using my old MBP 2.4Ghz core 2 duo, 4GB RAM.


    My old MBP had no problem running the session, but the fans on the new MBP are running a lot due to the high CPU usage by Logic.


    I opened activity monitor and it shows Logic using 80-90% of my CPU. This would have been about 40% on my old MBP. This continues to happen despite increasing the I\O buffer to 1024.


    The strange thing is that Logic's CPU monitor shows that there is very little CPU activity happening at all.


    I hope this issue can be resolved...

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    I had something like this recently too, I wasn't doing anything intensive...

    I left my laptop for a few hours or maybe as little as an hour, I'm not 100% sure.

    And when I came back the fans were at full bore, I tried restarting but it made no difference.

    Eventually I turned-off my rMBP, later when I powered up the fans were no longer screaming.

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    Geez this sub-forum's high volume, I never noticed how fast new threads appear in it, phenomenal.

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    Yep. Had my MBP since Dec 2012 and its been great. Kept it clean from junk software etc. Tonight the fan kicked in fo no reason and wont turn off. Apple whats going on? There are 50 pages of this and no respnse!!

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    I'm sorry nitrro but this thread is very old and the actual problem that we were all suffering on this thread was resolved by an SMC update that was released nearly a year ago.


    It sounds like your issue is a little different to what we were experiencing on this thread. Check that you definalty have all the latest updates for your MBP. Failing that I would just take a walk into apple store with it if that is an option for you.

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen,


    I posted my views, ideas, coclusion and research in this thread ( and I would not mind if somebody read them and spoke their opinions on this thread about my ideas.


    And in fact the person above me is correct with his statement.



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    Comments  noted.

    BTW - Turned machine off overnight and issue has not come back (yet). 

    Downloaded and installed istats to be sure.

    Cheers and thanks!