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i'm on MAC OS X 10.5.8. Still runs great but now i have no itunes as i've followed this post that covers my first issue. i've followed it correctly to the part of re install the latest version of itunes and i cant.


i've been running logic pro on this mac and i have no issues so i've not upgraded software etc.


i need a way around this problem without having to upgrade the OS if there is one.


does anyone please have a suggestion that doesn't involve spending hundreds of pounds?


i was only trying to get an iphone connected and this article says 10.6.8 or earlier?? it is definately earlier


macbook - MAC OS X v 10.5.8...... trying to connect an iphone 4s os 6


problem now..........need to re install itunes but can't probably due to my current OS.


please help. i'm pretty gutted about this. i should of researched a little further me thinks. cheers guys

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)