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     I had my settings with macmail to store my notes in my inbox as well as under the notes application.  These were all being synced with icloud, my macbook prod, and my iphone 4s.  Now keep in mind that i'm not on the Lion oS for my macbook yet.  But my phone is update to ios6. 

So anyway, Everything was find.  I created notes and they synced across all my platforms.  Well today, I saw my new notes showing up in my 'Inbox' in mac mail.  So I deleted these.  Well... this deleted ALL notes across ALL platforms!!!  Before i'd notices this had happened I decided to clean up my junk and trash mailboxes.   I then realized that all my notes were gone from my phone, my mac and from icloud.


I've attempted to revert back to an old iphone backup taken about an hour before I did this.  The restore from backup takes just fine, then I look in my phone and see all my notes (20+).  But within seconds they just disappear and they are gone again. 


I've attempted to follow all suggestions and reccomendations I could find, with no success yet.


The only thing that seems to work is; after my restore to backup for my iphone.  I then start the iphone, see my old notes, and very quickly open these notes one by one, select all and copy.  There is barely enough time to do this before my old notes just "poof!" and magically disappear.  I then create a new note and past the copied text into it. 


This is working, but **** its tedius!  and very discouraging.  If anyone has a simple solution or perhaps has seem this before i'm all ears. 

Hopefully no one else has managed to get themselves into this predicament. 


I will say that this seems like a very unique case which the apple developers didn't consider or just simply overlooked.  Obviously it is a use case and should probably be fixed in the future.  Perhaps even considering enhancing the notes capabilities to better streamline to backups for these and the ease of restoring these backups. 

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, Notes application across platforms.