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I know there is a million topics that start with Windows 8. I have not been able to find what i need to find so I thought I would just go ahead and ask it. I know Win 8 is not supported by bootcamp yet but a lot of pleople are getting around it with Windows 7 drivers ect. With the new MBPR there is not a DVD drive any longer so how is everyone getting Win 8? It appears that off of they have taken off the developers link to it (which in videos is how i saw everyone getting it). I have no problems buying it but the only download i can find is for upgrade only. I would like to get Win 8 on my MBPR tomorrow as I have the day off work. If not Win 8 where is everyone getting Win 7 64bit?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities


    Now, you can get Windows 8 on the Microsoft Store as an ISO file >


    In the past, Windows 7 was available as an ISO file on the Microsoft Store, but now it's not available as an ISO file anymore. If you want to buy Windows 7 now, you will have to buy it on a box and install it with the Apple USB SuperDrive or another external optical drive

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    where is everyone getting Win 7 64bit?

    Maybe they purchased a copy from Microsoft's site or from a software vendor. You need to have an installer DVD to use with Boot Camp.


    The Win 7 drivers for Macs is downloaded through Boot Camp Assistant. Open BCA then click on the large Print Documentation button. Read carefully.

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    Yeah i have been there looking. The only thing i have found is windows 8 upgrade (which they say you have to have xp, vista, or win7. I have also heard this is only for 32 bit not 64bit.



    Watching a lot of youtube videos I see a bunch of pleople using flash drives (some flash drives have issues) but I was goign to try this out frist before going out and buying a protable DVD player to work with this.


    I am just looking for the ISO file for this (which i might still have one from my PC build earlier this year that i coudl try).  Just looking for any other thoughts or ideas.

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    On the Microsoft Store, you can get the 32 and 64-bit version, but Windows 8 is only available as an upgrade. Unfortunately, Windows 7 isn't available as an ISO anymore

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    Yeah so I guess this was my original question on how people are getting around this (or if they are).

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    Because they are available in some illegal sites. However, I don't recommend you to do it because it's illegal and because they can be modified. Also, you need a full version to install Windows on your computer

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    So there is nowhere I can get a legit ISO for my new MBPR?

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    At this moment, it's not possible

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    Oct. 27 2012, before buying Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit online for (was it really $39.99?)  in Bootcamped Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit, it ran an upgrade compatibility test which turned out OK so paid for and downloaded W. 8 Pro ISO.

    I then shrunk 500GB bootcamped Windows 7 drive space in half and booted the Windows 8 ISO DVD formatting NTFS to the 250GB shrink. Not an update, this was a new/clean insatall.


    While there are other ways to do it, I retained Windows 7 for fallback which has proven to be unnecessary but there is a lot of data there that is available to, used by W 8.


    When Apple comes out with support for Windows 8 bootcamp....................................................................... ............................................... I will save for restore data & clear the 500GB, then reinstall W 8 to it.


    Windows 8 for Mac & PC having Metro, is the best OS I have ever seen. Well, Mac Pro is not so portable as would be an iPad or iPhone, but it has all the apps you might want freely via metro side of the OS.


    Microsoft deserves a whole lot of credit for what they have done here. The Windows 8 Cost is right now less than1/2 of the taxes I paid to get an $886 with case, screen protect, iPad 3 in Canada.


    With W 8 and a 27" screen which I do not have to hold in my hands, like an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Windows 8 removes the limitation / constraints inherent in small handhelds which, who knows, may be found to be unhealthy close to one's face or brain whichever comes first. You can compare 10" Book reading to 27" where a black background can be set.   


    There is a lot I don't know that you might find from other response to this posting.

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    so if i hear you right you just bought the "upgarde" of windows 8 from microsoft? It is still 39.99 so if that is right then i will go ahead and buy that. I just didnt want to waste money on it if was not going to work. I know that price is not going to stay around forever.

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    Windows 8 will cost $199.99 on February, but the only version available is an upgrade from Windows XP, Vista or 7, so you need a previous Windows on the Mac

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    Hmm ok. That is not the news I wanted to hear. I have a program I need to use in Windows.. everything else i will be using ML. Does anyone know how or if i bought the dvd if i could make the ISO on my windows computer and use that for my mac?

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    mende1 wrote:

    Now, you can get Windows 8 on the Microsoft Store as an ISO file >


    Hi mende1,


    At the moment I'm using Boot Camp with Windows 7. The special low price for the Windows 8 upgrade will end in a few days, but the Apple Boot Camp drivers aren't available yet.


    Do you or does anyone else know if it's possible to just BUY that upgrade (ISO file download?) now and install it later when Apple will support Windows 8 on Boot Camp? If yes, how...?


    Many thanks.

  • mende1 Level 10 (91,925 points)

    The version that Microsoft sells on the Microsoft Store is to upgrade from Windows XP, Vista or 7, so you can't use it to install Windows 8 as a clean install (without upgrading).


    In this case, the legal way is to install Windows 7 first and then, upgrade to Windows 8

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