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I have a 2nd gen shuffle, I was able to load music on it.  Now I want to change the music and am having trouble.  I have iTunes 11.0.1.  I see the ipod in the iTunes left hand pane and in the top window pane it says iPod sync is complete.  Under settings I have the 'sync only checked song' checked.  I want it to sync with a music file in my playlist.  Under on this ipod, I have autofill from with the playlist selected.  Under this in autofill settings, i have replace all items when autofilling.  I select the autofill button and get a waiting for ipod.  I've selected only 4 files and want the original files on the ipod replaced with the new ones.  It does not appear to work.  It says updating files, finishing snyc.  After running for a long time, sometimes it says it's too full, sometimes it says can't find ipod.  It always ends up failed.  I don't have anything else connected.  I've changed ipods, chargers and USB ports with the same result.  Any ideas?

iPod shuffle, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I happened upon a fix - at least this one time.  I had to powerdown the laptop, plug in the usb charger to the laptop and have the ipod shuffle in the charger.  I powered up the laptop and all went well.  If I  made any changes, I had to powerdown and start again.