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I'm wondering why when I do stuff on mail on my MBP it does'nt do it on my mail on my iPhone for example it only seems to do it when I flag my emails as important or on going. It talks to each other for read emails, deleting emails and moving them to certain folders. I don't understand why it doesnt do it for my flagged emails. Can anyone help me out?



Time Capsule, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    You haven't told us the critical piece of information - which type of mail account you have.


    iCloud accounts would fully sync between iPhone and Mac.

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    I have the preinstalled mail on the iPhone and MBP

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    Mail account means, for example, a yahoo, gmail, or iCloud account.

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    Gmail account

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    Gmail is typically set up as IMAP - here's a writeup:

    iCloud: IMAP


    Again, if you want to do this quick sync you're talking about (which is not possible with gmail), try an iCloud mail account.

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    Is there a way to make my @icloud my permeate e-mail account for everything? (apple id, regular e-mail address and so on) and forget my gmail one all together? I've tried to change my apple id through iTunes but it didn't like it, it said just to sign in with the @icloud so I did and checked and which account was signed in and my gmail address was still my id name. Read through the Mail using icloud website but I could'nt find anything on the subject.... So basically I'm wondering if I can just switch e-mail accounts and keep my old emails and folders?

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    Sure, this will help you set up your iCloud address as your email on your iPhone:

    iPhone Email Setup


    Here's another useful article:

    iCloud: iCloud Mail overview


    But at the end above, you said "keep my old emails and folders".  Yes, you could keep them on your iPhone under your gmail account, but I think that would add confusion.  I recommend deleting them from your iPhone.


    Regardless, when you're done setting up iCloud email, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Default Account and make sure it's set to your iCloud account.