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I'm on a macbook pro, lion is installed.

The update from micrsoft 14.1.0 will not upload to my box.

What do I need to do as I'm getting hacked into thru emails

and someone is attaching their bogus emails on names in my

contact book?


Mac OS X (10.7.5), installed lion in september 2012
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    okay, I will try to help you.... which program from microsoft needs updating? Maybe you need to go to microsoft's website and download from there *making sure you have chosen to save it where-ever, then run it* As for your emails, I don't know. Save your incoming and outgoing email settings, then delete your old user account, set up a new one, typing in needed info where appropriate. I think there is also a spam/junk filter in there somewhere.  Perhaps you need to talk to your ISP (internet Service Provider) to see what they can do.  I have never heard of someone being hacked into thru email


    oh, and one last thing. This is a common mis-understanding. This part of the Apple forum is for Mac Pro's ( the big desktop towers) and you have a macbook Pro,  which is portable. If you can please post your question in the appropriate forum, that we may be able to help you better


    thank you


    John B