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Started having kernal panics about 2 wks ago. I tried troubleshooting it myself with the command + s and fsck -fy then reboot, but that didnt work so I tried the command, option o + r 3 times and then that worked for about 35 mins then after that I just shut my computer off and made an appointment, this all happened on a saturday. I took it to the genius bar monday evening. They ended up reinstalling the software and said that everything should be ok, but if there is any other problem then it would be the hardware. So I got my computer back, turned it on, and come to find out reinstalling the software erased EVERYTHING! I procrastinated on getting an external hard drive so I have nothing that I've had on my computer for the past 5 years . Over 20k songs many pictures and files and videos... So I called a data recovery guy and gave it to him and he replaced the hard drive for me, but couldn't find any of my files. I got my computer back today, and he tried turning it on before I left, and it just came on to the apple screen but just froze on there just like it did with the so called kernal panic from before. He said it could be something with the computer overheating and messing up the cpu or something like that. Im just trying to figure out whats going on? I'm currently using my pc. I just feel horrible. Its like i replaced and reinstalled things they were telling me that could be wrong and I ended up losing everything and nothing that was done fixed the problem. So I'm kind of losing all hope. I just want to know whats wrong with my computer! Any insight would be very helpful... Thanks

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