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Hi all (apologies this is so long - it didn't look that long when I typed it...)


Am really hoping someone can help me out here. I bought a secondhand iPhone in November - it is still under warranty until next August so I can make a Genius appointment and should be able to get it replaced under warranty, but this phone has a lot of good memories and I get attached to stuff, so I'd like to try a few things before I get it replaced (plus, it still has its original front and back protective stickers on it!).


On Tuesday night, the camera just stopped working. I had been using it that afternoon without a problem. I was looking up something online on it and then turned it around to take a picture of something and it looked like it didn't detect any light - the screen was just dark. It seemed to freeze, so I pressed the Home button and tried it again. This time it went black again, but then the shutter closed. It now does this constantly. I've noticed that it has a split second when I can change things on the screen - I can swap it to video, but then after that it completely freezes the app. I can swap it to reverse camera - which also completely freezes, but when I close the app and reopen it, it actually works. Just not front facing. I've tried most things I've read online - playing with settings, gently shaking the phone, gently tapping near the camera. Nothing works. Sometimes when I think it has frozen, it has gone to a screenshot of itself and I can swipe sideways to the previous photo.


So, right now, my big problem is backing up my data. I know I have to back the stuff on it up before I make any changes. So I tried connecting it to my laptop (and it turns out that I don't seem to have ever connected it to my laptop before). It took forever for it to be detected, but it only gives me the option of setting it up as a new phone or using another backup. Obviously, if I do either, the files on my phone will be gone. All I really want to backup is the photos and texts. Notes would be good, but not essential. There were suggestions of just right clicking the iPhone and clicking Backup, but I only have the options of ejecting or restoring from backup.


I've seen a few programs around but I don't necessarily trust them. My previous phone was an Android and while I didn't like it, it had plenty of options on their app store to back up different parts of it. Do apps like this exist for Apple - I can't seem to find them - mainly photos and texts.


Would love it if someone could help me figure out how to back up my iPhone. Any advice on the camera would be great, but I can't do anything about that without making sure my files are backed up

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Basic troubleshooting from the User's Guide is reset, restart, restore (first from backup then as new).  Has any of this been tried?


    As for "backing up" pictures taken with the device, why would you do this?  The iPhone is not intended as sole storage.

    Connect it to a computer, any computer, and copy the pictures off the device.  iTunes is NOT required for this.  Failing to copy the pictures off regularly is extremely NOT smart.


    If the text messages are that important, there are programs that can extract them from backups, but I personally have not seen any that can extract directly from the iPhone.   It is possible to simply copy them to a note or email and then send them to yourself.  A better solution may simply be to purge them.  How many do you actually need after all?  Most text messages are drivel.

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    Thanks for the reply.


    I've reset and restarted it many many times over the past two days with no change. I am currently trying to restore it, but in order to restore it, I need to get what I have on it, off it - and my reason for this post.


    I'm not quite sure what you mean questioning why I would back up pictures from my phone? I want to back the photos up because I don't want to lose them..


    I understand that not copying the pictures across regularly is 'extremely NOT smart' - hence, why I'm trying to copy them across. I've taken over 100 in the past week, so emailing them to myself isn't as easy as it would be if I had only taken a few. Do you have any suggestions as to how I would copy the pictures from the phone? I didn't seem to have any options beyond iTunes as it didn't appear in My Computer. I haven't been able to find any guide to this online, so if it can be done, I'd be really happy.


    Some of the texts are important and I'd like to keep them.

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    Importing personal photos/videos from your iPhone to your computer


    Unless the device is detected in Windows, it will never be detected in iTunes.

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    Thanks. I transfered them across .


    To anyone else with the same problem, I took it in to Apple today. They said they'd seen it before and it could either be a software or a hardware issue. They took it out the back and opened it up, but didn't see anything unusual. They tried restoring it, but it had the same issue, so they determined that it was a hardware issue.


    It took fifty minutes, but I now have a replacement phone which I'll connect up to my computer as soon as it is charged