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Just wondering if there are any apps that can be downloaded to an iPad so it can be used as a phone.  I have an Ipad WiFi & Cell and have a cell number with the sim.


Which are the best apps?


Thank you

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    The iPad can't be a phone. The closest it comes to a phone is with Skype and Facetime.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Thank you.  A friend told me that could make calls and I was a bit weary.  Thanks again.


    I know there are apps, yet they require $$ etc.


    Thanks again

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    I'm using my iPad Mini as a phone. I use Line2 App. http://www.line2.com/home/

    Really great. $10/month Here is what I get

    Ideal if you only need Line2 and its standard calling features

    • Tri-mode (Wi-Fi, 3G Data, or Cellular) calling on your phone with one number
    • Turn an iPad, iPod Touch, or Android tablet into a Wi-Fi mobile phone
    • Unlimited US/Canada calling and texting with any device on any carrier
    • Low rates for international calling and 10c per international text
    • Advanced call handling features like call waiting, hold, and transfer
    • Conferencing for up to 20 people right on your Apple iOS or Android device
    • Multi-tasking support for iOS4 and Android – receive calls and texts even when using other apps
    • Visual voicemail with voicemail by email
    • Call screening with automated caller announce feature
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    you can indeed with some free apps.  this blog shows the step by step:  http://bitwhich.com/2013/02/15/how-to-use-ipad-as-phone/

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    I use skype with my wifi only iPad. It is almost a phone, but no 911 ability.

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    I use the magicJack app on my iphone.  It is only $30 a year  (you don't have to buy the actual jack, just download the app, create an account and "renew" membership).  I have a local Canadian number  and it works over wifi or data.  It is great if you are travelling to other countries and you buy a local "pay as you go" SIM card with your unlocked iphone.  I forward my work phone to my local magicJack number and leave my work phone behind when I travel.  That saves my company $100 in roaming package add ons and roaming data/talk rates. 


    I have a T-Mobile SIM card for traveling in the US ($3 a day unlimited everything pas as you go).


    The app will work on ipads as well, but it is formatted for an iphone sreen.  It does not look as fancy as the Line2 app mentioned above, but if it is all you need, then save he money