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iTunes 11 is rapidly becoming a disaster for me. I have a dedicated Windows 7 machine running iTunes to service 3 Apple TV's, 2iPhones, 2iPods, and an iPad. Itunes 11 is very sluggish with my large library and has now started 'losing' files to the cloud.  This means that music I purchased in 2005 is being removed from my library and subsequently seems to become available as a ne cloud download.  This may well be because I convert all ACC files to MP3 and delete the ACC (my ears are too old to care about the reduction in quality). Either way, it's detrsoying my playlists and means I have to re-download files.


Does anyone know how to stop this?  I have no interest in the cloud (my library is too big and contains hundreds of ripped CD's and Vinyl records that can't be matched).