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Hello all,


     My ultimate quest/question is- how can I disable Printer Sharing via WGM?


     I have been researching this across the web (and here etc) and think the only solution may be to write a cupsctl CLI command into a script (see https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2215192?start=0&tstart=0)? My issue with this is that I currently do NOT use MCX login/logout scripts and so I have several hundred clients with EnableMCXLoginScripts and MCXScriptTrust not currently configured.


     So, all that said, is there anyway I can just disable Printer Sharing (which many clients are inadvertently turning on and causing lots and lots of random shared printers to show up on the network) by using MCX preferences pushed by WGM? Or, do I need to use CLI/scripts, in which case how can I enable MCX login/logout scripts remotely on the clients since that is a root preference and currently don't have that configured on any clients? Or, any other way to go about this task that I'm missing? Or... am I just up a creek unless I physically touch every client (not an easy or really viable option for me...)?


     Thanks for any advice. I have now read a lot of info on this subject, old and new, but cannot seem to find many straight answers (or at least the ones I'm looking for).