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I have been trying to get a Tom Tom Start 60 working on my Intel imac computer running OSX 10.5.8 without success.

The Tom Tom support team suggested many things including installing the latest version of Flash and then I had to find the Java Disabler and remove it so I looked in the system profiler under applications and found it.


The Java Disabler was located under users ~ library ~ and then I forget the rest.


The issue is I would like to return it to it's original location but I cannot remember the full path.


If anyone is using an Intel imac running OSX 10.5.8 could they look in their system profiler and check the applications tab and tell me it's path



This last part is to tell you why I got into this problem.

I brought a new Tom Tom and it would not work on my computer and the tom Tom support team highlighted Flash and Java issues under Safari 


The man form John Lewis told me that Tom Toms are not Apple mac compatible


Tom Tom support team asked me to install the Firefox because Safari would not work ?

I was also told to get rid of the Flash blocker but I didn't know how to do that  ?

Then they told me to install Google Chrome but the latest versions of both do not install or work under OSX 10.5 .8 they only work on 10.7

So I'm rather stuffed having removed the firewall ~ allowed file sharing and installed Flash and removed the Java Disabler just to make a Tom Tom work,


which it didn't


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