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I currently have a MacBook Pro with Retina display, had it since it was released and it came with Lion and I've since upgraded to Mountain Lion when it became available. I've been using Macs for 12 years now and always use the Migration Assistant at startup to automatically transfer over all the data from my previous Mac as I'm sure other people do.


Since owning my rMBP there are a few minor things that aren't quite right and I don't know if it's just a problem with the OS that will be fixed over time or if it's old data that Iv'e copied over that may be having an affect on the system. Amongst a few of the issues I'm having is that if I choose my own folder full or wallpapers and set one as a background when I restart the folder is missing from the list and the system reverts back to the last used pre-installed wallpaper. Another isse is that whenever I open a Finder window or dialog box if I want to Open or Save a file it will switch the layout, so instead of being in icon view it may auto swithc to list view and vice versa and it doesn't remember where it was last opened at if I need to use the open option a few times and have to navigate all the way through again. Lastly, if I arrange contents of a Finder window by Name as an example nothing happens, I have to sort by some other criteria which then works and I then have to go back and sort by my original option.


That's just a shortlist of many minor issues I have and didn't know if it was just bugs or if a fresh install would help resolve some of these issues.


I back up via Time Machine so would want to transfer all my data back onto my Mac after the new install but how can I make sure all my files, apps, content and other data is transferred over without bringing any crap system files that I probably don't need or might be what's causing any issues?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2.6GHz, 8GB Ram, 512GB, 1GB NVIDIA
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    I don't think it's necessary to do a clean install. Or perhaps even a re-install. First test in another fresh user account, or your Guest user. Let us know how your Mac behaves.

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    Suggest you run Disk Utility and run "repair permissions" and restart.. on an unrelated wifi issue, you probably also should go into Systems Preferences/Network and delete "-" Airport wifi service and recreate "+" it.

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    I've tried a Guest account and tried repairing permissions and countless other things to resolve the issues and nothing seems to resolve any of the issues I've been having. It's worth noting that some of these issues were present in Lion when I first had my rMBP before upgrading to ML when it came out. That's why I wondered if it may be something to do with old stuff that may have been transferred over.

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    Try a re-install "in place". It's a lot easier.


    Boot up holding command-r keys into your Recovery Volume.

    The screen should give you these choices...


    Restore from TM backup

    Reinstall Mac OS X

    Get help online

    Disk Utility


    First run Disk Utility Repair Disk, if you get errors run until no errors reported or reports "the disk cannot be fixed". Then, choose Reinstall OS X. This will be an install "in place" and shouldn't effect any of your own data or settings.


    If you want to do a clean install of Lion, wipe your HDD with Disk Utility/Erase then do an internet recovery.


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    I've done reinstall in place several times with no adverse affects. Fixes a lot of issues. If you do it, just run software update when done. You may have to retweak some system preferences. As always you should have a backup first.