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I have 2 mail accounts, and added individual signatures. I pasted in an HTML signature containg a hidden table for one account, and now want to change it back to just text. The hidden html table is still in the signature (looks like several empty rows at the end, which cannot be removed, and which will be at the end of every mail I send from this account).


It does not help to change back to only one signature for both mail accounts, and then back. The lines at the end of the signature (the hidden HTML table) is still there.


Also selecting everything and deleting it leaved these blank lines.


How can I completely delete everythink in the signature?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
  • Peacecircle Level 1 (15 points)

    My problem was not exactly the same as yours but I needed to remove my signature in the mail settings. I had to reset all settings. It worked! Lost no data and just had to re-enter wifi settings etc.

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    Hi Peacecircle, thanks a lot for your comment.


    What did you exactly do when you resetted all settings? Do you mean that you removed the mail account? Or did you do a reset of the whole iPhone?


    Thanks in advance for your further help!

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    Mine is an ipad and I had tried deleting the mail account and reinstalling but that did not work, so, yes, I went to reset in Settings and "reset all settings". It does not remove any data, photos, accounts, etc. it just means you have to re-enter your wifi settings etc,  It really is a great way to sort out problems such as the one we had with the signature.