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I have a Mac Mini Server which I've used primarily for the lasty year as a Mac mini with the 27" display monitor mainly for DTP design work.  I'm using Lion 10.8.2 and my processor is a 2 GHz Intel Core i7 with 8 GBs memory.


My two hard drives are each 500 GBs the first labelled Server HD carries all my Applications and files.  The second drive is labelled Macintosh HD2 and in it I see an empty APPLICATIONS folder, Boot Camp set up pdf, an empty LIBRARY folder, empty Macintosh HD folder, a server file with a curved arrow on it indicating clones of all my Apps, Dropbox, Groups, Library, Shared items, System, User guides, and Users.  And finally one empty folder entitled Windows Support.


I've reached the stage where I have developed two websites for clients and would now like to host them myself on this Mac.  Can anyone, please, point me in the right direction as I haven't yet found a simple guided to setup this spare drive as a Server.   I'd be most grateful for any help.  Thank you.