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I just had the most unpleasant experience at a Verizon store.  My iphone 4s would not hold a charge.  I took it in foolishly thinking it was a matter of replacing a battery and was shown through a magnifying glass a pink spot in the headphone jack which they said meant my phone had been exposed to water.  This, they claimed, voided the warranty and I would need a new phone at full list price. Never mind I have been a Verizon customer for longer than the store manager has been alive.  I was dumbfounded.  I treat this phone like my 3rd child.  I am so in love with Siri, my sexual orientation has been called into question.  This phone has never been in water or any unusually wet circumstances.  Ever.  When I told the clerk and the manager this, they asked if I ever used it in the bathroom or outside when it is humid.  Seriously?  The phone can't handle humidity?  I asked them, if that is the case, how many customers come in with this issue?  They refused to share that information.  After much discussion, they said if they sent in the phone, Apple would not honor the warranty.  My only choice, they said, was to buy a new phone.  I have only had this phone since May.  That's 8 months, folks.  Before this phone, I had a Palm (yes, I know - insert cringe here) that went through **** and back and was still working years later when parts were held together with tape and I finally put it out of its misery.  Now my much beloved 4S dies after 8 months and I am accused of murder.  I asked them what would prevent the new phone from having similar issues and they said the headphone jack has been moved to the bottom.  I asked if this indicated there was a design flaw with the 4s and they said no, it probably just saved Apple money to move it.  If humidity is really the issue, I fail to see what difference the location would make anyway.  Fast forward - I have a new iphone 5, an insurance policy on it and a very, very bad taste in my mouth.  I own 2 ipods, an ipad and was just about to buy a 15" retina display laptop with a thunderbolt display.  That $$$ purchase is now on hold.  I have been an Apple fan since I bought the stock in the 80's and have converted a number of clients and friends to iphones.  Now I worry they may be gathering in the foothills with pitchforks in hand.  I am still in a state of shock, not knowing who deserves to be cursed - Apple or Verizon.  After spending $850 today I hadn't planned on, I'm going with both.  Geek love is worse than puppy love when your heart has been broken.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.2, Moisture indicator - bad experience
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    I encountered the same problem.

    My 4s never touched water but somehow both of my sensor are pink... And I know I have to pay a great deal of money to get a new one cuz they wont fix this one or replace it.

    What bullcrap.

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    I had the same thing happen today - woke up and the 4S wouldn't charge / turn on / etc.  walked into verizon and was told "you dropped it in water, not our problem."  Now waiting until next week w/o a phone until a new one arrives by mail.


    haven't dropped the phone in water.  At least I had the insurance on the phone so the total cost will be half that of a new 4S...


    not impressed with Verizon.  Definitely checking the moisture indicators when the new phone arrives

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    Ktdids wrote:


    After spending $850 today I hadn't planned on...

    What did you spend $850 on? An out of warranty replacement for an iPhone 5 is $229 from Apple. $199 for a 4S, and $149 for a 4, 3Gs, or earlier...


    You didn't actually buy a brand new phone for full price, did you?


    If you still have the old phone, take it to the Apple Store nearest you (make an appointment at the genius bar) and get a replacement for it. Then take the new phone back to Verizon and return it for a refund. You got ripped off by someone who is either ignorant, or more concerned with their commission than they are with customer service.

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    The water damage indicators are very sensitive, if you have the phone in the bathroom with a hot steamy shower running it'll trip the indicator. Good way to tell is it'll usually turn a light pink rather than a dark red.