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Help needed to update a 4th gen ipod touch running version 4.3.5 (8L1) to the latest 6.0 version.  When I connect and try to update i keep getting a box which states that a connection error occured and I cannot update.


I have been given a new laptop for xmas which runs on windows 8, and the new itunes version (which is in itself a hurdle as I am a technophobe!) and this is all becoming a bit fustrating. 


I have connected, updated and synced my iphone successfully, but just hit a brick wall on the ipod.  (which incidentally maybe where this laptop will end up!!)


Help if you can, but in laymans terms.......

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 4.3.2
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    Does the iPod appear under Devices in iTunes? From your descriptionis is not clear.

    Does the iPod charge?

    Are you using the same cable and USB port that works with theiPhone?

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    I have attemped various things, one of which was to de-authorise all my devices and put them on, one by one.

    I have just looked at what you've suggested and realised that the ipod isnt registered as a device,  how do I authorise it. I thought it would give me an obvious option when I plugged it in.......


    Yes it charges.

    Yes same cable. 

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    What does this mean " realised that the ipod isnt registered as a device,"?

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    I mean that the itunes library can sync with 5 devices.  One is my laptop an others (prior to my un authorising them) the others were an ipod classic, and two childrens ipods.

    The  other devices now need to be put on the list of "authorised devices"

    but i dont know how to as there are no obvious prompts when i connect any of them.


    Hope this helps...

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    You can only authorize five computers for one Apple ID/iTunes account

    iTunes Store: About authorization and deauthorization

    You can have ten devices and computers associated for one Apple ID/iTunes account

    iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID

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    Thank you for you input so far.....

    I think we are getting nearer to the solution sort of!

    Let me get this straight...... I have paid for content on itunes, bought the apple devicds in order to play said content, now I have to subscribe $25 for the privilage of playing MY library content on MY other devices. Which wasn't such an issue to do before the new and improved itunes version!!


    Have I got that correct.  I think I cannot associate my other iOS devices with my library because I am unwilling to pay further through the nose!!!???  or am I missing something?




    Frustrated even more now!!