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At our University we want to use iPads for exams. For the exams we have an App. The students

should not have any other access on the iPad than the App for the exam. I know I can block the App with

"guided access" but as we have about 200 iPads it would quite take some time to do this "block" on every single iPad.

Is there a way to deploy a profile or something like that, so the iPads start after the boot our app in the "guided access" mode?

Thanks for your help in advance


iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    MDMs can push down guided access settings - are you using one?


    However, your devices must first be confiugred under supervised mode via Configurator.


    For example in Airwatch it is under 'profiles/single app mode'.  They also tout being to attach a time based schedule to the profile so that you can have all the devices be locked into that app when you want it up and then go back to 'normal'.


    (Not a pitch for any MDM in particuclar, I'm sure others can do this too, but I've seen this demo'd by Airwatch sales)

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    Hi Alex ES
    Thank you for your answer. We are still figuring out what the best solution would be. For the deployment of the IOS image we are using Apple's Configurator. We also do have an Apple Server and the server does provide pushable iPad settings. Unfortunately I could not find an option for my problem with starting our exam app in "guided access" mode after boot. I have checked out Airwatch but its price is too high for what I need. You have mentioned that there are other products that have this feature too. Could you provide me with their names? That would be awsome!

    Kind regards


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    You can create different iPad profiles and push them down to the ipads as conditions warrent.  some of the mdms will monitor the ipads and when an incorrect profile is detected, the mdm will push down a new profile.  Thus, if you change the profile to what you need, then power on the ipad it should be about the same as at boot time.


    You can only set the controls that the iPad supports.   Apple has left out controls that would be desireable.  If xserver will not let you set a control, I doubt that any other MDM would let you set the control.


    You may be able to write an AppleScript to control the xserver.


    Meraki -- A free MDM


    "How much does it cost?

      Meraki Systems Manager is 100% free. 

    What is the maximum number of devices I can manage with Systems Manager?

      There is no maximum number of devices you can support with Systems Manager, and many customers

    manage thousands of devices with it. "


    MDM  -- moble device management



    Airwatch, Nukona, Meraki, mobleIron, OS X Server, or Zenprise


    Nukona -- https://www.nukona.com/mobile-app-management-products/basic-edition/


    Meraki -- A free MDM




      Good howto by Sergio Sosa.


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    Did you get any solution for your  issue on enabling Guided Access using  configuration profile? I am stuck with the similar issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Thoths

    The last Apple Configurator update solved my problem. You just have to set up your devices with "supervision" mode..then you can select the application you want to have running after the boot sequence. With this method one can deploy the "guided access" to the IOS devices. As far as I know there is unfortunately no way to "leave" the app (as you can do with normal "guided access" with pressing the home button 3 times) to switch to the home screen. I hope this will help you.


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    Thanks Gabriel. Yes i could do when the devices are in the supervision mode.  I leant that it is the only way to go. Since I have users bringing in their own Ipad they wont be in the supervision mode. and more to have it in the supervision mode you will have re-install the IOS.


    What process do you follow to have the students use the IPad in Supervised mode?

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    Careful with use of terminology.


    Guided Access - Can not be managed by Configurator or MDM using configuration profiles. This option is available only from the Settings -> General -> Accessibility options. This enables the user to force the iPad into a certain app and disable certain sections of the screen. Guided Access, once turned on, can be enabled/disabled by triple-click on the Home button.


    Lock to App Mode - Can be managed by Configurator (supervision only) or MDM (supervision only) using configuration profiles. This option is available within the Configurator -> Supervision tab or inside your MDM configuration screen. The iPad has to be supervised by Configurator before Lock to App Mode can be enabled. Once Lock to App Mode is enabled the app will be on the forefront at all times, even after reboot. The system (Configurator or MDM) that enabled the Lock to App Mode is the only option for disabling it.


    I hope this clarifies the two different options available.