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How to get lovefilm to play onto the tv through HDMI adaptor from iPad mini.



I am currently a lovefilm subscriber through the post. One of the main reasons i brought an iPad mini was so i can attach my ipad to the tv and change my subscription to watch instantly. This way i could choose which films i wanted to watch when i wanted to watch them.


After spending £39 on an hdmi adaptor to be able to plug my ipad into my tv and to be able to watch lovefilm instant on my tv, i was very shocked to find a 'lovefilm player cannot be used to attach to tv' sign come up on the tv. The film continued to play on my ipad but the film was not mirrored to the tv - which is the role of an HDMI cable. Is there a way around this. Sarah

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    Multiple reports elsewhere say that the Lovefilm app does not support video out, even through a cable, though they don't say anything on the subject on their web site that I can find. They only mention AirPlay streaming. I'd suggest contacting Lovefilm support and asking if their app can indeed support video output.



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    After the last update it is supposed to work but doesn't. Netflix and other similar services work fine. Logged this with

    Lovefilm support.

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    Lovefilm support still looking into this. My ipad 2 via hdmi gives a full screen display on my HD TV when watching films etc for netflix, bbc iplayer, daily motion website, iTunes etc. only love film does not produce full screen output. Lovefilm just mirrors the ipad in the middle third of the screen.


    Very likely this is a lovefilm application fault / restriction. It just mirrors and does not do full screen which is pointless. Will update again when they come back to me. Lovefilm support so far have been very helpful and prompt at responding.

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    They are now not replying except with generic copy and paste customer service templates. Have not given any details of their investigation or contacted me directly to investigate further after the first couple of EMails.


    I have now cancelled lovefilm due to this and just use netflix.