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so if LCI goes red within one year, i cant apply Apple care on my iphone 4S?


Cos today i went to iStore here in India - Mumbai and they refused to Apply Apple care warranty on it as CLI is already red and warranty is void anyway. The device perfectly fine and works with no issue, infact when he said its water damaged i shocked.


Thanks in advance.

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    If the moisture sensor shows exposure at any time it voids the warranty and you cannot purchase AppleCare. Even if it happened on the day you purchased it.

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    Thats so bad of Apple. the phone is perfect and should get warranty.


    One day they put some heat sensor which tips off at 40 degrees, then they'll say the phone had once touched 40 degree so it voids the warranty though it still functional we wont give the warranty.


    nextday they'll put pressure sensor, oh tried climbing a mountain cos iphone pressure sensore shows it had gone through a low pressure belt. the device is still fully functional but still we wont give warranty.


    third day they'll put audio sensor, oh, why did you yell at Siri, this sensor show you got angry and shoutted loudly so this sensor got tipped off, this voids the warranty.


    what else, i can go on and on. Stupid ! plain Stupid. I pay a premium price over any other brand just to suffer this.


    The sensor should act as a proof for damage, but it seems the iphone is much much more resiliant than the sensor, little moisture destroyed the whole warranty but not the device, whats the point of building the iphone with state of the art technology if you put so so so fragile sensor in it, its not helping. I'm so angry only because iphone cost me such a huge amount. i can buy 2 decent Android phone and not worry even if i dont get warranty later, who cares, its already so cheap. But iphones are way to costly to let go like this. I'm seriously dissappointed. On the top of it. iStore guys here in India Mumbai (R-City Mall) say Apple Care only extends One Year. plain F*^&. He said one year you already got from apple when you purchased your iPhone and one year from Apple Care, thats make 2 years, Haha, i bowed them for their knowledge.


    Thanks Apple. I hate it so much!