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We're on a mini "snow bird" trip to Arizona and at the last minute, I tossed my ATV2 along with an HDMI cable, the power cable and the remote into my bag for entertainment in our rental where they have broadband along with a flat screen with an open HDMI port.  Even most of the motels we stay in now have flat screens with HDMI ports.


In the future, my ATV2 will be going on most of our trips since it takes up so little room in the bag.  Wonder how many others are doing the same?

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    AppleTV1 had an advantage with a built in hard drive to sync media to and no need for an internet connection except for new rentals/authorisation of downloaded ones.


    While AppleTV2/3 seem ideal for travel they are dependent on ethernet or a wifi connection with a defined network name and password to connect.  Many places where internet is provided by a web based login are not usable unless you can internet share via a laptop or have a mifi type device.


    As many places I've been to in UK recently are out of wifi or 3G range I've opted to take a Mac Mini and AppleTV connected to it to play from itunes.  I naturally lose internet based rentals/Netflix etc.



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    Indeed, AppleTV2/3 doesn't hold any content.  On the other side, the fact that you can now stream from any iOS device mean that you probably got your content with you anyway.


    I agree that a geek traveler will need to bring along with its AppleTV2/3 an AirportExpress and an iOS device (or a laptop).  If you want to travel light, it's probably more convenient to simply bring a cable adaptor to plug directly your iOS device to the big screen.

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    I wouldn't dream of carting my ATV1 anywhere as it's way TOO heavy and too big.  And IF you need to leave an ATV2/3 due to size/weight, you're really going LIGHT.


    The rental unit we're staying in for a month has good throughput.  Otherwise, the ATV2 would be mainly useless.  I think I did read that the ATV2 had about 5 MB or a little be more storage so it should be able to download at least one movie for continuous streaming. If the pause whirly is spinning, I don't want to watch it.