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I don't know what really happened, but all of my garageband files dissapeared right after the last major iTunes update a few weeks ago and I have no other explanation as to how they could have vanished so completely.  Mighta been me, but I doubt it.


There were no audio tracks, everything in these files was midi and automation data for virtual synths and loops, so nothing linked that can't be replaced easily, everything would have been in the main .band file.


Not a whole lot has happened on that computer since then so recovery should be possible, but as I understand it, these are package files and this makes it more difficult.  And alas, no time machine.


If anyone knows how I might go about finding and recovering these files, I would be most grateful.



  • Christoph Drösser Level 6 (11,275 points)

    I can't imagine iTunes deleting unrelated files from your hard disk. Were they in the ~/Music/GarageBand folder?

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    have you tried to search for all your GarageBand projects using the search function of the Finder?


    Open a Finder window and enter the keyboard shortcut ⌘F for "Find". In the window that opens, set the "Search:" to "This Mac" and set the "Kind" drop down menu to "File Extension" and enter ".band" into the search field. Then press "return".


    this should show you a list of all GarageBand projects that can be found on your Mac.


    If you select one the files that have been found, the path to the file should show in the footer of the panel.




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    Yeah, I tried to search and no luck. 


    The files were in the default garageband folder, as you say, Christoff.


    I doubt it was itunes, even though it seems to have disappeared around the same time as the major itunes update and was there for a long time before that without trouble.


    This is going to require an undelete process as the files are not anywhere on the system, but I can't find info about recovering garageband files.  I've tried a recovery software, but it seems to find everything BUT the .band files.  Maybe there's another way...?


    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Looks like I'm screwed.