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Approximately six months ago I bought " the new ipad" and following that a cover for it from an Apple store. From day one I had a problem with using the cover as the design was faulty.The magnet part on the top side of the cover which was supposed to attach to the ipad was getting lose with simple touch. And unfortunately 2 weeks ago for the same reason my ipad fall and the screen got broken. I went to an apple store, first of all the sales man was too rude.Seconly, without any shame he directed me to a non-apple service ( a friend of his!) for a repair claiming that it is much cheaper and quicker. As a real Apple ambasador, having a macbook, 2 ipod, an iphone and ipad this attitude really dissapointed me. This is the first time I'm having a problem with an apple product and this is how I'm threated.I sincerely want to believe that I was just unlucky with this salesman.I would really appreciate if you could provide me with information on whom to contact? I have checked the website but couldn't  find any info. Thanks in advance!