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Approximately six months ago I bought " the new ipad" and following that a cover for it from an Apple store. From day one I had a problem with using the cover as the design was faulty.The magnet part on the top side of the cover which was supposed to attach to the ipad was getting lose with simple touch. And unfortunately 2 weeks ago for the same reason my ipad fall and the screen got broken. I went to an apple store, first of all the sales man was too rude.Seconly, without any shame he directed me to a non-apple service ( a friend of his!) for a repair claiming that it is much cheaper and quicker. As a real Apple ambasador, having a macbook, 2 ipod, an iphone and ipad this attitude really dissapointed me. This is the first time I'm having a problem with an apple product and this is how I'm threated.I sincerely want to believe that I was just unlucky with this salesman.I would really appreciate if you could provide me with information on whom to contact? I have checked the website but couldn't  find any info. Thanks in advance!

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    I'd suggest you go back to the Apple Store and ask to speak with the manager and discuss the situation with him or her. That's the best and most direct way to deal with this situation.


    Note, though, that if you tried to grab the iPad by the Smart Cover when the iPad fell and the cover came off, that is completely normal and expected. The Smart Cover does not hold on strongly enough to prevent such a fall; if it could, we couldn't remove the cover from the iPad at all. So you would have no claim on Apple for the damage, if that's what you were asking about.



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    Hi Varjak, thank you for your reply, though strange enough (!) I see many other Ipad users complaining about it. Please have a look at the forms.It is easy to put the blame on the consumer though I would expect apple to take this feedback more serious and act on it. You could imagine that I would not simply try to lift my ipad from the cover as it is not the first time I am using an electronic device. May be good to create an app to show how to use an ipad cover as it seems like it is really complicated.

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    I found the instructions that came with my Smart Cover more than sufficient. I certainly can't see how some "app" would be necessary. And I never assumed that anything attached to the iPad that I could easily detach would be something I could grab if I dropped the iPad and expect the magnets to hold. If you feel that more information is needed in the documentation, you can comment to Apple via their feedback pages:




    is easy to put the blame on the consumer


    I presume my fellow consumers will have a bit of common sense, so yes, I put the blame on any consumer who presumes that a Smart Cover could function as any sort of handle for the iPad. But again, you can make suggestions to Apple if you wish.