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Brand new mac mini (OS on SSD and 16 GB or RAM) and new user setup (admin).  I have moved my home directory from my OS X SSD to another internal data drive, and the path has been updated in my Account settings. 


Aperture has created the default Library in my pictures directory, but when I attempt to create a new library or select another one (via choose), nothing happens.  Aperture doesn't crash.


If I use mission control I can see an outline of a dialog box behind the Aperture window, but it's transparent and I can't select anything.


This same issue occurs if I try to export an image.  Aperture just thinks for a while, but nothing happens.


Any ideas?  Thanks.

Aperture 3, iOS 6.0.2
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    Aperture 3, iOS 6.0.2

    What is your Aperture version number, and what MacOS X are you using?


    Can Aperture access your home folder, or do you have it protected by file vault?


    Have you tried to open a different Aperture library by simply double-clicking it in the Finder? Does that work?

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    Thanks for the reply.


    Aperture is 3.4.3 and MacOS X is 10.8.2.


    File vault is not active and Aperture can open the default library file it has created in my home folder.  I assume this means it has access the home folder.


    I haven't tried double clicking on another Aperture library file to open it, but will do tonight.  I have moved an older library into my home folder, but could not select that file by going via the Aperture menu.  I had to remove the default library from the pictures folder to get Aperture to open the older library file.

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    I have a simular issue.  I added a SSD for the operating system, moved the HD to the superdrive bay.

    Moved the home folder to the HD. 


    I have all of my libraries up and working fine.  I just cant't create a new library.  The button goes gray for a time and then goews back to white. 


    I installed Aperture from the DVD and updated.  I also deleted the plist and repaired permissions.


    Mail won't attach a document either.  Everything else seems OK.

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    Just to update.

    I re-booted from the old starup volume, which is still intact. ( for now).


    I was able to create a new library from there and the mail was alos able to attach files.


    Started up from the new volume anf Aperture was able to be poinrted to the new Library.


    I am thinking I may need to reinstall both the Mtn Lion and Aperture to resolve this.  Unless someone has a suggestion.........


    I might alos add that I can't sign in to this forum on the new OSX. 

    I looked at the password and username stored in the old passwords list and it is not using the @gmail.com for my user name.


    I tried leaving it off the sign in on the new OSX but it won't take it.  If I use the @gmail I get the screen to sign in a second time for security followed by a screen to create a username, which can't be done becuse that email already has a username.  


    I may have to create a new Apple ID also, f I want to use this forum.


    Apple tech support said to file a report.  Which I did.


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    Have you resolved this issue yet?

    I am interested in this because I have a very simular issue.

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    Hi Tom C and MOF (same person?),


    Thanks for your comments. No, I still haven't resolved this issue.  I am tempted to do a total rebuild too, but am going to take the mini to see a Genius this week and see if they have any suggestions.


    I am also finding the mini getting very noisy and hot importing +40 RAW files via an USB 3.0 reader.  A bit concerning.


    Will drop an update as soon as have more news.


    All the best!

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    Just as an update.

    I never did get this to work.  I ended up having my home folder on the SSD and having all of my libraries and files on the original hd, which is in the superdrive location.  Everything works fine now.  I may had a link from th ehome foler to the other drive later, but for now I'll well enough alone.


    I am back to my original sign in and user name.  I accomplished this by resetting my password and waiting about a week. 

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    Welcome back  .  Seems like you hit the bleeding edge on that one.  Sorry.  Do you think Apple will get it resolved in the near-term (3 months)?

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    Thanks for the update.  I'm still stuck with the issue. 


    I'll revisit the G-bar with your suggested approach MOF and see if that makes a difference.

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    Spent an hour at the Genius Bar.  Essentially, keep your Home directory on the SSD boot drive and have your data stored on the other drive.  I guess this makes sense, but it was a painful route to get here. 


    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.