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I get all accounts whirling away but on the activity pane at the bottom it states that the working rate (incoming mails) is zero. I run 10.7.5 on a 2008 iMac, 2.8 Ghz Intel Core Duo. 4GB 800 Mhz DDr2 SDRAM. My mail accounts work fine on iPad - same settings as on the imac, so I guess there are some background files that have got corrupted? Help!

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    pete+ wrote:

    My mail accounts work fine on iPad


    You do not say who your email service provider is????


    Verify your mail sever is functioning on their end.

    I see now it is working on your iPad


    check your Mail>preference and verify settings


    Did you shut down mail and relaunch


    Did you reboot?

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    I have done several relaunch and it continues...reboot?? not sure what that means with regard to mail, so please specify. I did go back in time machine and reset from a time when I knew that mail was working fine, but the problem persists...


    ...and also, all of my mail accounts are affected...macmail (icloud account), gmail, my business mail prvider by another server...the lot of them! As I say, all works fine on the ipad...

      thanks for the interest, I am exasperated by this..!

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    Open the connection doctor (in Mail, Window Menu) and see what it says. (Select Show Detail)

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