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I have an iBook G4 and when I turned it on today, it loaded onto the login page where it had "safe mode" written in red. 

I signed in but consequently I can not go on the Internet as it has disabled the airport.


I can't exit safe modefor some reason.  I have restarted to noavail and tried to boot from the install discs but that fails.

It comes up with a grey page that says I need to restart and also has black blocks with white writing talking about debugging and stuff soi can't even use the install discs at the moment.


Any ideas, I am totally stuck. I am currently erasing the hard drive in disk utility and I hope that helps as it did when the hard drive was messed up before on my mothers iBook and I couldn't reinstall the software.


This is just a web browsing laptop for me but I can't even do that now so I'm really frustrated.


Thanks for your time and I hope I get some ideas on a solution.


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    Ok, so I now know a bit more about my issues that are happening.

    When I go to restart from the install disks, the strange page I am getting with the writing is a kernel panic.

    I want to do a complete reinstall but it won't allow me to as I keep getting this error page and it won't get past telling me to restart the computer.

    Any ideas on what to do?