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I'm running 10.7.5 on a Mac Pro with 12 gigs of ram. I have the app font book which hosts all my fonts. As of today I have 635 fonts on my system, this is because I do web design and development so from doing epubs , photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and other apps I have accumulated all these fonts. So my question is will all the fonts slow my Mac Pro down? Is there a way to clean up anything font wise?





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    The more fonts you have active, the more RAM they take up. True of any OS. The other of course is your font lists will take longer to appear in apps when you're selecting a font.


    As far as cleaning up, separate your fonts into their uses. Web, epubs, etc., and only open (activate) the sets you need for the work you're doing. Close (deactivate) that set when you're done.

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    ralphie --


    Yep, Kurt nailed it.  I separated them into groups a litte differenly.  I seleted 100+favorites that I use all the time, and turned off the others.  When I needed one or two,I turned them on.  I also made groups for serif & sans serif fonts, outside of the favorites.