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I have just purchased the Epson NX430 printer so that I might take advantage of AirPrint. I've installed it in accordance with the instructions but am unable to get any iOS device (or my Mac Mini running Mac OS X) to initate a wireless print.


I do not have a router in my wireless setup. My wireless is provided by the apartment building I live in and each time I add a new device to my network I must contact them and give them the device WiFi address. I currently have an iPad 3 and and iPhone 5. Both of these devices are working on my wireless network but are unable to find an "AirPrint Printer".


Has anyone had experience setting up the Epson NX430 and how to set it up with the parti    cular wireless network I have. 

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Can you print to it from the Mac Mini?  If not, the printer may not be connecting to the network.  If it is, you should be able to check for a printer update from its control panel.  It should at least tell you if it is up to date.


    The most likely problem is that your apartment WiFi system does not correctly handle Bonjour data required by AirPrint.  There may be a change to its setup or a firmware update that will fix the problem.


    I can see that you may not be able to do anything about a problem with your apartment WiFi.  The only way around it I can think of, is to purchase you own private WiFi router just for printing.  You would need to pair the printer to this WiFi router, and change your iPad or iPhone temporarily to it when you want to print.  Perhaps an Apple AirPort Express would work for you.


    Note:  Do not connect your printer to the WiFi using USB, because AirPrint does not work via USB.



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    This Apple support page lists all AirPrint compatible printers.



    I don't see you printer listed. Are you sure it's AirPrint compatible?

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    I did find it in the list but had to look twice. I had confirmed it before buying the printer as well but it seems my real problem is the way my apartment building's WiFi implementation.