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I bought an Ipad 2 for my kids for Christmas.  I was told by the clerk I could download Aps onto the computer then load the aps onto the Ipad 2 without having Wi-Fi.  When I take pictures on the Ipad it loads them onto the computer, so I know it's connected.  When I go into my Itunes account it shows the Aps have been downloaded to my computer.  When I drag them to my homescreen then press apply I get an error message  "Aps can't be found".   I just can't figure out why they aren't automatically loading onto my Ipad. I have high speed internet &  Windows 7.  When I search for the aps on my computer they are there.  Does anybody have any ideas of what I'm doing wrong or was I given the wrong info.?  Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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