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Hi, I don't cannot find how properly to contact apple support so try get in tuoch in this section. So, recently I purchased macbook pro 13 Serial Number  ********DTY3, now it's been about two months since I'm using my mac, I thought this is the best product, but getting dissapointed. The main issue which currently expierencing ( about few weeks now ) is that time to time web pages won't opening, even now then I try to open thesun page I get internal errorsaying:   ''Internal communication error'' and page wont load at all. I'ts becoming more often and often. Honestly it's really annoying especially when you working on something and you need the page opened, I mean right now. I tried to use opera, google chrome, safari and all the same, if the page wont load in one browser, it wont load in another as well. Tried on win 7 on other laptop, working fine. I thought this is some history or cache issue, so I tried to clean it on daily regular basis, but it doesn't work. Once again this kind of issue becoming more common in daily using, so thinking of leaving apple or in case I get working solution, should I get my mac into the shop and technicans can check it, or I just returned to apple.?   (All mac is fully updated with latest updates including web browsers)