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I want to get an IPhone but I only want to pay for the exact number of minutes, text messages, etc. which I use.  I am willing to pay for the "unlocked" version of the IPhone but from there I have no idea how to proceed in signing up for a plan similar to TracFone (see www.tracfone.com).


I realize TracFone does not offer IPhone plans per se, but I want to find something similar.  For example, I spend 0.3 minutes per page of text when reading or sending text messages.  I pay 0.03 minutes for being connected to the Internet briefly.  My minutes last an entire year and roll over if I do not use them all and purchase more, etc.

iPhone 5
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    Ask the carrier... none of this has anything to do with Apple.

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    I guess if Apple wants more customers, maybe it is in their own best interest to answer questions like this.  I seriously doubt the whole "sign up for two years and pay $350 to terminate your plan" is going to be attractive to many people in the current economy...so what I am really looking for is an answer to the following question:


    Has anyone out there reading this ever figured out how to avoid monthly charges or commitments while still using an IPhone?  If Apple is not in bed with AT&T, Sprint, etc., then they will allow people to answer this question.  I am a potential customer but if I cannot get this question answered, I will probably *never* be an Apple user (and I probably represent millions of people).


    If I get an IPhone, it will be because I like the hardware and software...not the ball and chain that come with it.

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    What part of "Apple has nothing to do with this" do you not grasp?


    Carriers own the network.  As such, carriers set their policies on what is and is not required to use specific types of devices on their network.


    If you do not want or cannot afford to pay for the features needed to use a smartphone on a carriers network, don't get a smart phone.