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Computer shows internet connection (full bars), but won't actually connect to the internet and load webpages


Attempted Fixes:

Reset Safari

Quit Safari

Restart the computer

Turn off the computer with router unplugged

Turn off Airport

Swear at the computer

Swear at the internet

Unplug the router and turn the Airport off too


Additional Info:

Second computer (mac) connects to the internet so it's not an internet problem.

Last few days the internet has been slowly dying on the computer (Mac OS X) in question. Meaning that the internet asks me for the router password constantly, which was a new development.


I have seen information about reseting Plists and a few other weird things, but I didn't want to do anything drastic based on someone elses issue. I figured it's best to bring my specific issue to the forum before destroying my Mac by randomly deleting Plists.


Any thoughts appreciated.



MacBook Pro