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I purchased my macbook pro (mid 2010) along with applecare 3 year protection plan.  Problem is I am moving and all boxes are packed so I don't know if it is in one of them or if I lost it.


When I first got my macbook pro I installed Parallel system and win 7 because it is my first Mac and  had programs from Windows that were not yet compatible with Mac. They are finally compatible and I have finally got accustomed to liking Mac.  I was having Nvidia video graphics adapter display problems right from the beginning.  I noticed them on win  7 side because I mainly used that side.  I took the macbook pro into an Apple store near by (2 hours away).  I wanted to get this problem fixed before my warranty was up.  My previous Toshiba laptop had the same problem and died at 13 months, one month after warranty.  I didn't want this happening again.  I told the apple genius guy about the Toshiba and that I wanted my macbook repaired.  He said it was not the Macbook but the Win7 that was causing the problem.  I believed him and changed the Win 7 but still have same problem. 


Each time I ran the test on the Mac side it crashed because of Nvidia videoram 256 issue. Apple support shows I am good till May 27 on warranty. How do I get it fixed without my receipt?  Anyone?   How do I know I will get someone at apple store who knows about Macbook pro videoram, Nividia graphic display adapter?  Is is replaceable?  That other guy didn't seem to know that it is the Macbookpro causing the problem.

iPod touch, Mac OS X (10.7.3)