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The heading pretty much says it all.   Can anyone help?   Ever since Windows 8 Pro install I have not been able to connect my iPod Touch 5th gen to iTunes. 

I never had this problem with windows 7.


- I connect my iPodTouch by cable to the USB

- The computer recognizes the iPod TOuch

- I can access the iPod Touch from My Computer

- iTunes does not recognize it.  It doesn't pull it up as a device. All other iTunes servies work fine.



I have...

1. The most up to date version of iTunes.

2. Restarted my computer multiple times.

3. Powered down, reset, my iPod Touch multiple times.

4. I have downloaded all computer updates recommend from my manufacturer (Asus) for Windows 8 Pro compatability

iPod touch, Other OS, Windows 8 Pro