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i know you guys are sick of this kind of question but I am having real problems and i need to extract the conversations from iMessenger on Ipad, its actually extremely important and i deleted the conversation by mistake.


Nearly all of the post I have found relate to the iPhone but I need the iMessages from my iPad2.


I do not have an itunes sync so needed to get the file straight off my iPad.



My iPad is not jailbroken and I opened iExplorier and then files>documents and was able to coopy the sms.db onto my window PC.



If i right click on it and open it as a text file I can see the conversations are there but of course

they are jumbled up with the sql code.



i have tried the SQL extention in Firefox, SQLite Expert, SQLite Browser, RazorSQL and a few different ones but none of them work.



In Firefox and SQLite for example, I can open the sms.db file and see all of the table names but when i try and view the data nothing shows.



This is puzzling because as I said, if i open sms.db as a text file I can see the messages, I just cant find a program that can extract them.



Can anyone kindly suggest what I can do as this is beyond my knowledge.



Thank you in advance

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1