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i am having an impossibly aggravating issue where my IMAP accounts in MAC MAIL are supposedly sending a bunch of processes to my website that these email addresses are connected to. i've turned off what they told me to turn off and the site keeps getting shut down.


"We are sorry for your continued issues with 500 errors. However they are still being caused by IMAP connections to your email accounts. Here is a list of the current processes connected to you account."


anyone in the mac world know how to fix this? it is apparently a known issue on the hosts end.



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    This problem is sometimes reported with low-quality mail hosting services such as "Hostgator." The solution is to switch to a better mail host. A workaround is to use a different mail client, such as Thunderbird or Sparrow.

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    hi linc.


    can you help me with any technical details as to why this happens? i moved from APlus due to issues and so far HostGator has been fantastic. Also, i did a lot of research on trying to find a good host and this is where i settled.


    moving hosts in the next two months is not an option but moving to sparrow might be. it is a long story but i have a site still hosted on APlus (soon to be on hostgator at least according to my current plan) and i have like fifteen email addresses between the two of them. this is on 3 devices (3 x 15) plus i have about 8 email signatures which i just finalized for the umteenth time.


    is there a way to get into Mac Mail and keep it from sending all these processes?


    alternatively, is Sparrow a good option? i have been from TB then to mac Mail then to Postbox (ack) and then back to Mail where i am currently taking up residence. would Sparrow be a good solution to this given the relatively heavy and involved use of email on my end??



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    The technical details would have to come from the hosting service. There is no way to change the behavior of Mail. I have no experience with Sparrow, but I've read that may not have the same incompatibility with defective IMAP servers.

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    I'll bet it has a lot to do with the fact that you have three devices checking fifteen mail addresses on the same server around the same time. If all three devices check all fifteen addresses frequently, and if the server isn't good about tidying up closed connections, the total connection account could add up quickly.


    How many processes were in the list your ISP supplied?

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    hi guys. thanks.


    i am getting absolutely creamed by this issue. i moved to hostgator because my service was frequently unavailable on this WORDPRESS hosted site/blog on APlus.net. oddly enough the conventional website in IFrames never had a problem on Aplus.net.


    the blog has a .com url and the new site url (no information on it but there are emails on it) has a .nu url.


    the original website is still on APlus and has a .com url (this is different from the blog and the .nu site now on hostgator).


    so i have REMOVED all the .nu and blog.com EMAIL ACCOUNTS from Mac Mail and i am still getting this issue where there are apparently Mac Mail generated processes that are shutting down my site. i have tried every troubleshooting step they suggest in this article which is basically to uncheck idle and uncheck one other setting and then to take PUSH OFF on the iPhone. i have done all these. no fix.


    now i am going in to REMOVE all my email accounts except iCloud account from my iPhone so i have my contacts on my iPhone.


    any ideas?


    can i purge mac mail somehow? can i REMOVE it?


    i have just launched about ten years worth of hard work along with an announcement and having my site down is a total disaster.

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    hotwheels 22 wrote:


    can i purge mac mail somehow? can i REMOVE it?

    How about just not ever launchng it?