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Ok, odd question. I have a second generation ipod, but this is very important I believe - the computer supporting this ipod  has "died," SO, I have not been able to update - anything. I  have downloaded songs and apps, but that's about it. All has been fine.


Anyway, an attempt to fix the computer failed. I got a new computer, but was unable to take all my current info on this ipod, and transfer it to a new computer, as it wanted to delete everything.

Ok, no problem. I just kept my ipod as is, even though I knew this was risky.


I was downloading a few songs tonight. I have had no problem w/ this for about a year since my computer died. The ipod (remember, I was NOT connected to a computer in any way, and cannot update my version) suddenly said "updating library." After this, I noticed I had lost about 90% of my music! I had about 1100 purchased songs. Now itunes (via my ipod) says 143 downloaded songs. And ALL of my videos are gone.

***?! You have got to be kidding me! No apple store is open now... so I thought I'd try the forums. I wasn't updating anything (and can't without a computer) so what in the **** happened?



If anyone has ANY advice to help me get all that info back, I'd appreciate it!! I did try to reset it, didn't do a bit of good.

Weird that it deleted most songs, but not all. No apps or anything else is gone - just most of music, all videos.


Are those songs still somewhere in my ipod?! Does itunes have a list of the songs I did download, so I can at least have a list of what I lost, or am I out of luck because I'm not attached/backed up w/ a computer? Would a list of my purchases give me all that info? I don't know  how to get it, since it would date back a year or two. I suppose getting a list of purchased songs would be better than nothing.

Thanks for any help!!! I'm desperate!

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