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iMac 2.66, 10.6.8


I've got an Iomega USB 2.0 128g SSD that I regularly clone my iMac to as a backup. When I plug it into the iMac directly, it mounts no problem and I can boot off it no problem. But when I plug it into my LinQ 7-port hub, it doesn't mount at all nor does it show up in Disk Utility. The LinQ works perfectly well with other devices.


Any ideas why this might be happening? Any ideas how I might force mount it?

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Is the hub powered by the computer?

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    No, it's plugged into the wall.


    My understanding of the meaning of a "powered hub" is that it specifically does not draw its power from a computer.

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    Well, I solved it.


    I don't understand it, but I solved it.


    The hub has 2 ports on one side next to the device cable and the power cable, and 5 ports on the opposite side. All this time I've been plugging the drive into ports on the 5-port side. Just on a lark, I plugged the drive (which has two USB plugs, one main one and a booster) on the side with the power cord and it mounted!


    What possible difference could there be? Is there some sort of power precedence among ports on USB hubs?

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    There must be with that hub.  It probably is designed much like the hub inside the computer.   There are low powered and high powered USB ports on a computer too.   I would find the model # of the hub, and rate it poorly for that.   All wall powered hubs should give the same amount of power for all ports.  The whole point about getting a wall powered hub is that many computers only have one or two buses, meaning if you have a lot of devices that need power from the USB port, you don't want to have to get an A/C cord for each device, unless absolutely needed.   Having a wall powered hub that's properly designed will save you from having to do so.