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Hey guys, just wanna ask how the creators of this template did this. Specifically, the page flip/turn part, been browsing around Motion 5 libraries for quite some time now and I still couldn't find how they did it. It looks so naturally, page by page, as well as the part where few pages were flipped at once. Just trying to get the hang of Motion 5 for some family montages, really appreciate if someone could paste me a link to a tutorial somewhere or just explain to me in text.


here's the link for the template I found,



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    I think you will find that motionvfx guys are very talented designers and probably a couple of them have created this and many other excellent templates in Motion.  I have not seen that particular one before but must admit it is so natural and "real like".  To be honest I would love to know myself but at the end of the day you will be quicker and cheaper just buying the template and then analysing the structure, timing behaviours and filters etc to learn how it was done.  Then try and do it yourself from scratch block by block - bet you won't do it but you may get close.


    Good Luck

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    As pointed out above... MotionFx... They have a free flip page book http://www.motionvfx.com/store,motion_templates,3,80,1,1.html


    Check it out, they my have others too.

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    There is a "built-in" Page Curl distortion filter. Trying to build the same kind of effect as the MotionVFX effect can be done... but it is not an easy task. The filter will curl a layer: what you see on one side, you'll see in reverse on the other (unless you opt for an opaque background.)


    In order to get a back-to-back two-different-pages effect is going to take some  work. Just layering the image in a group and applying the Page Curl to the group will not result in the desired effect. Page Curl is a 2D effect but rendered to give a 3D effect (you can tell by rotating the object of the page curl in 3D space and watching the animation -- it's "flat".) That doesn't mean you can do some of the page turns in 3D space, but you'll need to limit the Page Curl effect to a smaller percentage and work out a way to disguise the "flip over" of the effect in mid rotation.


    For a "regular" 2 sided page turn, you can try:


    Add the Page Curl to each "page" image (you might consider linking properties of every other filter in a page set.) [Also, all "pages" should be the same size.]


    Set the Back Color parameter in the top page view to (100%) Green or Blue and apply a Keyer (no other parameter settings should be necessary for the keyer.)


    Set the Highlight Color to Black (any other color will likely interfere with the keyer.)


    You might also want to make a "left set" and "right set" and have "opposite" animations to give some variation to the effect.


    That might get you started.


    [A two-sided page curl -- object/filter arrangements shown]

    Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 7.45.40 PM.png

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    Great!! that helped me a lot, I may need a little time to get use to this, meanwhile, do you have any video tutorials that I could refer to? It could really help

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    I have very few Motion tutorials. They're in this playlist at YouTube:

    http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF59B526290F162BB&feature=view_all (there are others on FCPX and Photoshop... It won't be difficult to weed through them.)


    Here are several by Mark Spencer:



    I learned a lot from these videos:

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB7982C0260F090C1 (these are all for Motion 3 & 4, but still applicable to Motion 5 except the ones concerning roundtripping.)


    Hope these help!

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    Hi, you can use kvisoft flip book maker pro. It allows people to convert PDF or images to digital publications like digital magazine with page turning effects and embedding videos, image, audios, hyperlinks and more multimedia objects.

    This is tutorials http://www.kvisoft.com/tutorials/convert-pdf-to-flipping-ebook.html

    This video tutorials http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MCnDsuhDKU

    flip magazine.jpg

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    Fine if you have "Windowz" but most Motion 5 users are MAC based as is the program - thanks for the link though.