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MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    What file format is it in when you save it? Has it been rendered and "shared" or exported?

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    Hi sorry for not giving to much info,moving from pc to mac book pro so a little un sure.as for the format I will be using fcp x,I presume I will be rendering to h264 mp4,as for the shared or exported I'm not sure what that means,on my pc  I would edit the video ,render ,then just cut and paste to my p/hard drive ( to save space) then just double click on the icon on the p/drive and it would play from there without importing/ restoring ,hope this makes my question more understandable

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    It depends on the format of the backup. However, Time Machine is not designed the way you describe. If you delete something from the Mac, it will eventually be deleted from the TM backup.


    Just move your movie to an external drive. If you don't want to lose it, make sure you make at least one other copy somewhere.

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    Question has already been answered, but just a bit more info: Before movie is rendered and encoded into a self-containing format (meaning all the necessary files are all included in the one package so to speak), there are files here and there - if you don't move those along with your project, then you won't be able to play/work with it after you've moved it because it'll be searching for the missing files.


    And, instead of Time Machine, move your project to an external drive; you can keep your movie library on an external also:



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    Hi guys thank you very much things are a lot clearer now ;)

    Just one more question,can I set up time machine ( on a seagate 2tb mac drive) and also use the same drive to export finished events from I movie/ FCP X or photos music etc (as its a mac drive I'm assuming the format will be ok)

    I know your supposed to have a p/drive at least as big as my MacBook Pro (512gb) but I will still have a lot of spare gb's to use,or should I just bite the bullet and buy a second drive to keep exported files on ?

    Again your help is appreciated.   thank you

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    Well, you would need to partition the drive with Disk Utility because Time Machine will use up all the space eventually, so if you want to use part of the drive for something else, you'd need to create a separate partition (area) for it which Time Machine can't take over. If you want to do that, warning: whatever is on the drive now, may be deleted. I don't use Time Machine, so I do not know if you can partition a TM volume without erasing.


    However, if you do decide to partition, then assign 75% to TM and create a second partition of abou 500 GB for your movies. But, a second warning: having both backups on one drive mean that you will lose both if the drive malfunctions (and they all will at some point). I have three external drives and duplicates of all my backups scattered across.... so if one goes, I'll still have one copy of that particular backup on another one.