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How do I get a refund on an alligators? I downloaded a free Daytona application. Ive gone to play the game and you have option on what l want to play ( ie normal, kids version, baby, deluxe etc) clicked on "deluxe play" it came up ( thinking it was free) it then came up "do you want to purchase the deluxe pack" as I have gone to click cancel an advertisement popped up over the top, so I've clicked to close the pop up and it's over the buy button. So now I've been charged $159.99 straight to my credit card, a purchase I DID NOT and DO NOT WANT!!! This is so ridiculous, the fact that they put pop up adverts that sometimes you have to click the screen to "skip". I do not want to deluxe pack , I would like my money back. If I did want to keep it, I can't play it anyways because it never installed or updated the application. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME get my $159.99 back. I have no removed my credit card details for iTunes/ store so this can never happen again. Solo annoyed and upset!! Grr

Applications , iOS 6.0.1