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OK, so I didn't ask this in the Boot Camp forum because I'm not using Boot Camp. I'm currently running Windows XP running as a VM under Parallels Desktop 8. I want - and need - to upgrade to Windows 7 (preferably Home Premium) but in scouring Amazon I'm a bit confused as to which 'flavor' of Windows 7 Home Premium that I need to upgrade - packages, and prices, are all over the place.


I've this version tucked away in my Amazon Wishlist, but $163 seems a bit much to pay when there are 'other' Win7 Home Premium packages going for as low as $93 - such as this one.


I use Windows daily - but not for very processor intensive tasks. Primarily run only Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat XI and Adobe LiveCycle Designer. Parallels VM of XP works for my current needs, but I really need to get to Win7 to access some of the functionality of newer Adobe products.


Can anyone lend a hand? Would the $93 version 'work' to upgrade or do I need the $163 package? Or, can someone suggest alternatives (hopefully at Amazon - or if I can download the iso image from another source for less, that would be great, too).





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