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My MacBook Pro is stuck on loop at login. I type my password and after thinking prompts me for login again. I'm Very worried the hard disk is cactus and i won't be able to recover my recent work. Any ideas? (OSx 10.7.5, 15" retina, 750 Gb SSD, 16Gb RAM)

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Try booting into your Recovery partition (hold down the Command and R keys whilst booting) and using Disk Utility to first verify and repair permissions and then verify and, if needed, repair your hard drive. If you get red text saying that the hard drive cannot be repaired, then it's time for a trip to the Apple Store.


    I'm hoping that you have one or more backup schemes in place?



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    Thanks Clinton i'll give that a go.  (I was in the midst of transitioning to a Drobo storage solution and using this new laptop not backed-up sensing it was a safe risk - hmmm!)


    Safe boot didn't work but i'm hoping this will.

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    I verified and repaired the permissions on the internal drive. I also verified the disk which "appears to be ok" - ie, in green writing.


    I restarted and unfortunately the problem is persisting. Ouch.

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    Well, your hard drive (flash storage) is good, at least. Here's what I would try next (before making a trip to the Apple Store or an AASP):


    Boot into your Recovery partition and reinstall OS X. This won't damage or erase any of your user files, etc., just give you a fresh installation of Mountain Lion. Since your hardware seems to be OK, it could be that the system has just become corrupt and reinstalling it may 'fix' the problem.


    Call back if that doesn't work...



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    Ok, sorry Clinton, to play it 'simple stupid' i'm going to

    a) start up from command R and

    b) select 'Reinstall Mac OS X'


    Are there any options for the reinstall process i should be wary of?


    What constitutes 'user files'? Data and Apps or just data?


    Mega thanks btw

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    Not sure if you have done the mentioned steps.  I would try resetting the PRAM before doing a reinstall.  Power the machine while holding:




    Wait for the initial chime.  When it chimes a second time you can release the keys.  Hopfully this helps.