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So basically I've a MacBook Pro 17' late 2011.


I've got the basic 750GB 7200rpm HDD  and a combo drive.

I want to remove the combo drive as I never ever used DVD in it and put another 750GB HDD into it.


It would be the best if I can use the RAID0 under OSX and both Windows and Linux.


I would like to setup a three partition drive under RAID0.

I would like to use the performance increase of raid0 under windows and linux aswell.

I know there is only software raid available in OSX, which maybe means I can only use it under OSX?

I've had a PC where I had hardware RAID0 and used it under windows and linux.

Can I have any advice about this? Is there any nice guide how to set it up?


If its not possible, I think it is still possible to use the 2x750GB and only use like 200-300GB as RAID0 and the rest as a normal partition and install the other OSs on the normal ones, without having the nice speed up of RAID0


I am running the latest OSX, got a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium x64, and the linux would be Arch.

MacBook Pro (17-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)