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In Motion 5


For example. I'll have an object fly in from the side of the screen and then stop. At that point I'd like for the object to rotate or tilt or something like that. and then, after change positions to fly off-screen.


My problem is, however, when I manipulate it from it's point of pausing, any alterations I make are applied to the object at the start of the animation and all that happens is it flies in in the position I wanted it to stop in.


Same problem in dealing with the camera, if I adjust the camera at one point in the animation, if effects it from the beginning.


Please help. This is so frustrating!

Motion 5
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    You need to set the first Rotation (or any other parameter) at the point you want the animation of that parameter to start.  Example, object flies onto screen, stops, at THIS frame you must make your first Rotation keyframe.  Then move the playhead to the desired fame the rotation stops, then set the rotation paramters for how ever many rotations you want it to do.


    What you are doing is setting the last keyframe, and Motion by default uses the start of the clip for the first keyframe.  There MUST be at least two keyframes.  So set the first one manually where the rotation is to start.