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In order to receive e-mails on my iPhone, computer AND iPad mini, do I HAVE to use the cloud? Before iPad was set up for e-mail, I was getting all incoming mail on both my iPhone and computer.  I didn't mind having to delete in 2 places.


Now, I just noticed that when I get an e-mail on the iPad, I don't get it anywhere else.  I've lost more e-mails than I even know this way.  I have no desire to use the icloud.


Any suggestions?


iPad, iOS 6.0.2
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    Sure. You just have to setup the same e-mail account using either Exchange, Gmail, or IMAP on each device. iCloud e-mail is just an IMAP account that is easy to setup. Aside from that, it is no different than any other e-mail account.

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    I think I asked this in the wrong section - should have gone under iPad.  Still, thanks for the reply.


    I did actually set it up directly on the iPad under "yahoo", becasue that's who bellsouth.net uses for their server.  Everything seems to be working fine, except that if I open the e-mails on the iPad first, I never see them anywhere else.  Supposedly I have it set up for all e-mails to stay on server until deleted.  It works for two computers and iPhone, just not the iPad. 

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    It sounds like it configured Yahoo to use the POP interface. You don't want that. You want IMAP. Try these instructions from Yahoo.

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    Thanks for the info, I checked it all to what is already set up on the iPad and it all matched already. 


    It's getting frustrating, right?  I hate to go stand in like at Apple, but I may need to.

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    How are your other devices configured? Are you sure you aren't getting the messages? They won't be new messages on the other devices. They will already be read if you read them on some other device.

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    They are def not there.  I had a friend e-mail me a few tests.  If I open it on the iPad, it doesn't show up anywhere else.  But if I first open it from Computer or iPhone, then it still shows up on the iPad.


    I did find this:  I wonder if I want the iPad set to POP??


    IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol):


    When you set up Yahoo! Mail using the mail client on your  mobile device, it automatically uses IMAP servers to sync your phone's  mail client to your Yahoo! Mail account. This means the emails  are retrieved on the device and remain within your  Yahoo! Mail account. Both (webmail and device) will mirror  each other. What this means is that if a message is deleted from your  phone, the message will also be deleted from your account. Likewise,  when changes are made in your Yahoo! Mail account, the  changes will be reflected on your device. IMAP servers sync your device  and account constantly, so they are the same.

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    Double check the settings on all of those devices. It certainly sounds like at least one of them is using POP. You want IMAP. You do not want POP.


    The behaviour you are describeing is POP behaviour.

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    Yes, it lookes like only the iPad is imap.  The others are pop.  So I should change all three to imap you think?

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