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Hey all, I've searched high and low for a solution to this without having to invest in additional hardware or forcing a bottleneck with an old wrt54g running dd-wrt but basically I'd like to monitor bandwidth usage for each client on my network. I have no interest in seeing network content being relayed (for those of you who are thinking it) but monthly bandwidth caps are forcing my hand.


I currently use the mini running 10.7.4 server as a personal content server, remote storage, and most importantly an offsite backup for my managed servers elsewhere. Currently I hover well under the cap however my brother will be moving in with me for a short period of time and looking at his previous months usage there will be months where we exceed our cap. The overage fee is a maximum of $50 if I'm not mistaken so its not a huge deal however I'd like to avoid it, or even be able to show each user how much they've used beyond the 150gb/month cap so they can cover their portion in a fair manor.


I see tonnes of whole network monitoring, tracking, and shaping apps however nothing I'm asking for. How difficult is this? - really.


For those of you who are reading this an only need full monitoring instead of individual some well reviewed (not by me) apps would be





iEyeNet wigit, yea I said wigit.



Skoobysoft - SurplusMeter



I have a hard time believing this is not possible. Someone point me in the right direction!


Thank you

Mac mini, OS X Server, 10.7.4
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    I should also add I'm running an Airport Extreme dual band if that helps in any way which is generally administered through the "server" app.

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    There are only two options for your solution - you either have to monitor the network at some point where all the traffic flows (typically the router), or you have to install some agent on each device and aggregate the logs/reports from each machine.


    There's nothing the server can do on its own since it doesn't see the vast majority of traffic (unless it was, as you say, acting as some kind of relay/router/proxy/etc.)

    The AirPort Base Station doesn't have this facility built in, so a central monitoring point would require replacing your router - e.g. with the Linksys as you mention).

    That leaves installing an agent on each machine to capture the data, and you've also found some of the options there.

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    Hi Kdoubt, I have been looking for this solution on and off for a while, I have 4 individuals all feeding off the same router (Airport Extreme), Camelot is  correct, the only solution that makes sence to me is to obtain the information from the router that is connected to the Internet.


    To do that I beleieve a program could pole the router using the the SNMP protocall, this would have the potential to return the MAC address associated with the data and log it onto your computer. Once you have the MAC address of all the users it would be an easy matter to review the date per machine.


    This type of feature is in hot demand, it surprises me that it is not available, or at least I am unable to find it. So the question is, does anyone know of a program that could poll the router (Airport Extreme) and obtain the MAC address associated with the data usage on an individual port (WAN)?

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    does anyone know of a program that could poll the router (Airport Extreme) and obtain the MAC address associated with the data usage on an individual port (WAN)?

    Quite simply, there isn't one. the AirPort Extreme (like most 'consumer' routers) simply doesn't track this data.

    The overhead of the CPU time required to calculate all the data flows, as well as the memory to store the data, and the management interface to report it is just more than these boxes can do for $50-$100.


    These features are more common on enterprise routers (typically via the sflow protocol), which cost an order of magnitude more.

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    Thanks Camelton, this may be why there is no solution, explains the situation.


    If someone would like to add the facitity, do you know of an enterprise router that you would reconmend? Also what software that would be able to gather the statistics?