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Here's my problem:


I have 3 monitors connected to my Mac Pro (specs listed below).  Whenever I restart in Windows 7 (drivers updated, installed monitor control panel, Mac drivers updated) one of my monitors always gets screwed up with the resolution.  I have 2 22" monitors and 1 28" monitor.  The one that always gets messed up is the 22" screen with a resolution at 1680x1080.  Windows 7 detects the resolution being about 600x800 or something.  To fix this, I have to unplug the mini dvi port from the computer and simply plug it back in.  The monitor instantly goes back to full resolution and then I have no issues until I restart again.


I don't seem to have issues if I leave 1 22" monitor and the other 28" monitor plugged in.  This only happens when I have all 3 connected.


I've tried numerous times to update drivers and download the graphic card control panels, but none of it seems to help.


Would anyone have a clue as to why this happen?





Bootcamp - Windows 7 64 bit. (issue has happened even before I upgraded to 64 bit)



1 GB Radeon 5870



Model Name:          Mac Pro

  Model Identifier:          MacPro3,1

  Processor Name:          Quad-Core Intel Xeon

  Processor Speed:          2.8 GHz

  Number of Processors:          2

  Total Number of Cores:          8

  L2 Cache (per Processor):          12 MB

  Memory:          10 GB

  Bus Speed:          1.6 GHz

  Boot ROM Version:          MP31.006C.B05

  SMC Version (system):          1.25f4


OS 10.8.2

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion