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I am trying to get on line with my Macbook Pro. It is a wireless connection that did work once before, but now it keeps timing out. My iMac, iPad, and iPhone is connecting with out a problem. The exact prompt is "A Connection Timeout Occurred"  Please advise...

MacBook Pro, iOS 4.3.3
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    In support of Nykki, we have same issue with connection timeout.  Have trawled the support here and on others and in summary:

    1. Macbook Pro on 10.7.5 software is up to date.
    2. It doesn't always do it - I'm posting from the notebook now.
    3. It hasn't always done it, problem started in last 2 weeks and my daughter with a 13 inch Macbook has the same intermittent problem since two months.
    4. No, it's not helpful to suggest changing routers or blaming firmware on the router - my iphone, ipod touch, kids' imac, wife's ipad and an Apple TV3 all work fine.   If one more Apple worker or Apple fan suggests the problem is somewhere other than on my MacBook Pro I'll scream.
    5. Sometimes it manages to connect if I do a shutdown-restart on the notebook.
    6. Yes, I have tried the tricks with deleting the wireless networks using KeyChain access, did not work.


    Has Apple itself actually acknowledged this issue - there are thousands of search hits on the topic?